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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automaton

RPA is the application of technology that automates administrative task workflows and processes using software bots.

How Does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Work?

RPA has three functional components:

  • 1. Business process management (process) for designing and/or recording automated processes
  • 2. Software robot (bot) for interacting with business apps and executing automated processes
  • 3. Robot controller (orchestrator) for scheduling, remote control, monitoring, and asset management

Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation:
Ignite Enterprise Productivity

Business users spend too much time on mundane, repetitive, error-prone tasks. Micro Focus® Ro- botic Process Automation (RPA) introduces a new way of doing things—giving you the power to build, secure, and scale automated business processes, from legacy mainframes to the latest SaaS apps. Welcome your new robo workers, liberate human brainpower, and ignite enterprise productivity

Micro Focus RPA highlights:


Save robotic work for the robots. Robots can mimic human actions to perform everyday tasks. They save time. They cut costs. And they free human employees to focus on more important things


Design automations your way, visually or with code. An intuitive interface makes designing sophisticated end-to-end RPA workflows as painless as recording simple actions.


Build connected robots with one technology-rich product Record UI actions for hundreds of applications. Then combine UI actions with IT operation tasks to connect business processes


Scale your robots up or down as workloads change. A worker-queue-based architecture makes it possible to run hundreds or thousands of robots at once – there are no limits.


Control your robots completely from a central dashboard. View their actions in detailed logs. With unique IDs and encrypted role-based credentials, your robots are enterprise ready.


Using advanced object recognition technology, your robots can detect more than 600 UI objects and automatically adapt to UI changes. You’ll spend less time on maintenance as a result.

Deploy RPA on a secure and scalable platform

How Micro Focus Delivers RPA

Micro Focus® test automation solutions offer tools that allow companies to easily create bots to automate rule-driven business pro- cesses. Integrated with Micro Focus Opera- tions Orchestration, complete actions are automated using workflows that link steps to standardize RPA processes.

Micro Focus supports and extends typical RPA capabilities with: