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Data Science Studio

Your Path to Enterprise AI

DATA IKU Data Science platform to bring together data analysts, engineers and scientists. Enable self-service analytics and operationalize machine learning.

A wide-array of use cases across different industries

  • Production Improvements

  • Product Recommendation

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Logistics Optimization

  • Market Analysis

  • Churn Prediction

  • Fraud Detection

  • Pricing

  • Risk Analysis

  • ….. And many, many, many more

Data Access and Processing


  • Click based connection to your data lake, databases, flat files or any other source
  • Native connectors for most common technologies (SQL, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL…)
  • Find relevant data with the catalog


  • Directly navigate through data samples and compute the key
  • Build immediate visualisation for self- or shared- use


  • Code in your language of choice (R, Python, SQL…)
  • Use the 100 in-built processors to perform advanced operations in a few click
  • Package your specific processes in reusable click based plugins for wide usage


  • Simple representation of overall data processing despite complexity of underlying operations
  • Portability of in-built recipes to various execution engines


  • Push process execution in your databases or computation clusters
  • Deploy via containers or spin up computer sources

Dataiku DSS
The Dataiku Platform

Enable central design, deployment andgovernance of analytics and AI projects



Merge data from past treatment outcomes with the latest medical research to predict adverse events before they happen, optimize billing, target at-risk patients for preventive care, and much more.


Give your customers more alluring, immediate, and personalised interactions by using historic sales data, consumer demand data, price variance data, lead rates, trends, and so on to improve segmentation, acquisition, new product recommendations, pricing, and much more.


Whether you need to use predictive analytics for underwriting, reserving, marketing, pricing, or claims, DSS is where you can appraise and control risk by projecting future behavior based on historical data and consumer trend analysis.


Combine structured and unstructured data to benefit your financial margins and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing cross-selling, up-selling, and retention offers at the perfect point in time.


The intelligent use of data is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. Genomics, metabolomics, digital medicine: all these cutting-edge fields generate enormous quantities of data. With DSS, put this data to good use to minimize the cost of clinical trials, find biomarkers, make personalized predictions for drug sensitivity, and much more.


Leverage advanced machine learning and statistical algorithms in your DSS dataflows to forecast outages, system failures, supply and demand, or even as part of your customer engagement strategy by warning customers of irregularities.


Merge and analyze data from on-board sensors or from data collection points to optimize the allotment of resources used in urban transportation networks to enhance performance and efficiency of your operations.


Analyze your users’ online behavior including viewer consumption and demographics to predict which advertisements, campaigns, and channels will yield the highest conversion rates for specific audience engagement.


With DSS, optimize manufacturing processes, understand product usage, leverage preferences and tweak marketing campaigns, adjust production schedules, and so much more, by intelligently wrangling and analysing all types of data, from GPS tracking, in-car sensors, manufacturing processes, to product and development data.


Whether you’re ready to implement player activity analytics, game system analytics, or spatial data analytics, DSS is where you’ll be able to collect, wrangle, and model all that data to fine tune game design, identify bottlenecks, inform future content, or event detect cheaters!

Public Sector

The public sector is brimming with potential when it comes to applying advanced analytics techniques, with the potential for agencies to more effectively serve their citizens in critical areas like health, safety, housing, public services (including education), defense, and justice.