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Analyze in The Right Place

Analyzing data without data movement, while supporting any major cloud deployment for fast and reliable read and write for data formats

Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

In-database machine learning. Vertica supports both data scientists and SQL professionals with a single solution. Offers speed at scale, even when concurrent

Freedom from Underlying Infrastructure

Deploy on-premises, in the clouds, on Apache Hadoop, or as a hybrid model. Choose the right file formats and storage systems today, with the flexibility to change or move as organizational

The Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform

One Unified Platform you can deploy anywhere and analyze data wherever and whenever you need it

Open Source innovation


Exploit big data streams from multiple data sources into Vertica for analytics and moving aggregate data from Vertica into other systems.


Extract, transform and load streamed data with open source software solutions to analyse data and


Vertica enables fast insight from Hadoop data lakes. Flexibility of loading from Hadoop or leave data behind to run to run

Vertica Advanced
Analytics Platform
Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform is consciously designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core and architected to handle analytical workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture.The Industry’s Only Infrastructure Agnostic, Unified Advanced Analytics Platform. Vertica’s SQL Data Warehouse is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies to deliver speed, scale and reliability on mission-critical analytics. Vertica combines the power of a high-performance, massively parallel processing SQL query engine with advance analytics and machine empower companies to unlock the true potential of data.

Key Features

At the core of the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform is a column-oriented, relational database built specifically to handle today’s analytic workloads. Unlike commercial and open-source row stores, which were designed long ago to support small data, the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform provides customers with:

  • Complete and advanced SQL-based analytical functions to provide powerful SQL analytics
  • A clustered approach to storing Big Data, offering superior query and analytic performance
  • Better compression, requiring less hardware and storage than comparable data analytics solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability to easily ramp up when workloads increase
  • Better load throughput and concurrency with querying
  • In-database machine learning algorithms and R, Python extensibility
  • Less intervention with a database administrator (DBA) for overhead and tuning

Unlock Machine Learning for the new Speed and Scale of Business

Built into Vertica’s core — with no need to download and install separate packages — in-database machine learning transforms the way data scientists and analysts across industries interact with data; removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

Supports Entire Machine Learning Process

• Functions for normalization, outlier detection, sampling, missing value im putation and more

• Create, train, evaluate and export advanced machine learning models

Massively parallel Processing Architecture

• leverage high scalability on clusters with no name node or other single point of failure


• Boost query performance with 10-50x faster results than legacy data warehouses

Familiar SQL Execution

• Manage and deploy
machine learning models
using simple SQL calls


• Empower data analysts to
build and operationalize
predictive analytics

R, Python, Java and C++ Extensibility

• Inxrease the power and flexibity of procedural code by bringing it close to the data


• Analyze data quixkly by executing algorithms in parallel on each node in cluster

Industry Examples

Financial Services

Discover fraud, detect investment opportunities, identify clients with high-risk profiles and determine the probability of an applicant defaulting on a loan.


Analyze Network performance, predict capacity constraints and ensure quality of service delivery to end customers.


Optimize audience targeting, analyse visitor behaviour through A/B and multivariate testing, and preduct user engagement patterns.


Identify product defects, predict equipment maintenance needs, optimize supply chain planning and forecast demand

Machine Learning and IOT Waves
With VERTICA, Unlock the massive potential of sensor data

Vertica’s in-database machine learning supports the entire predictive analytics process with massively parallel processing and a familiar SQL interface, allowing data scientists and analysts to embrace the power of Big Data and accelerate business outcomes with no limits and no compromises.

IIoT use case Optimal-MF-rebrand-FINAL-lo-res

Unlock Machine Learning Whitepaper


Continuous monitoring of machine and sensor data help equipment manufacturers and service providers predict and address maintenance issues before they occur.


Utilities are deploying digital, networked advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to systematically track consumption and demand data across regions.


Sensor data from delivery trucks help businesses ensure driver safety, schedule maintenance before mechanical issues can disrupt fleet operations, and enable intelligent route optimization to reduce fuel costs and emissions.


Data collected on how customers are interacting with physical features enables product management and engineering teams to analyse user behaviour and experience for incorporation into future product development.


Product developers are embedding sensors into consumer electronics to uncover user-specific insights and value-added services across a wide range of needs—everything from smart appliances to fitness trackers.


Facilities personnel use monitors to gather data on building systems, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment to anticipate and troubleshoot issues before they escalate to “hot” or “cold” calls.

Predictive Analysis Using Machine Learning

Unlocking new value for manufacturers, service providers, and their customers

• Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms identify root causes of equipment failure

• Continuous monitoring of machine and sensor data help equipment manufacturers and service providers predict and address maintenance issues

• Unlocks new value for manufacturers and customers – service cost reductions, new revenue opportunities, SLA adherence, operational efficiencies, reduced downtime, and increase safety

Data Warehouse Modernization

Derive maximum value from your data with a much lower total cost of ownership when you switch to Vertica

Vertica is the most advanced SQL database analytics portfolio built from the very first line of code to address the most demanding Big Data analytics initiatives.

Vertica delivers speed without compromise, scale without limits, and the broadest range of consumption and deployment models. The core, unified architecture supports all leading BI and visualization tools and works with your current ETL tools to empower your analytics.


Manage Huge Volumes of Data at Exabyte Scale

Vertica delivers a simple, yet highly robust and scalable MPP SQL analytical database for the masses with linear scaling and native high availability. Infinitely and easily scale your SQL analytics solution by adding an unlimited number of commodity servers.

Deliver Faster Analytics

With Vertica, you can gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50X faster than legacy enterprise data warehouses Because operations that took days now take hours and hours now take seconds, your analytics team can be more productive and answer business-critical questions on the spot.

Complementing Open Source Innovations

With an ecosystem friendly architecture that supports Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Python and more, Vertica brings enterprise level Big Data analytics to your open source projects. Vertica leveraged years of experience in the Big Data analytics marketplace and opened up the platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster. Users can perform analytics regardless of the format of data or Hadoop distribution used.

In-Database Advanced Analytics

Vertica offers a robust and ever-growing set of advanced in-database analytics and Machine Learning functions & algorithms so that organizations can conduct the analytics computations closer to the data and get immediate answers from a single place without the need to extract information to a separate environment for processing.



  • Integrate with Existing BI, ETL Tools
… And much more

A Day in the Life with Vertica

05:30 AM

Vertica is correlating real-time weather information with inside air temperature and humidity to deliver just the right amount of heat as ef ciently as possible.


Vertica is analyzing millions of tweets and trending stories so people can catch up on daily news, stay in touch with their network, and retweet their favorite posts.


Vertica is crunching data on supply and demand to match ride-seekers with quick and cost-ef ective ride options. With just a few clicks, drivers arrive at doors all over the US.


Vertica is analyzing the latest customer information and account activity to identify the behavioral indicators that predict a high likelihood of churn.


Vertica is analyzing millions of anonymized call detail records so communication service providers can optimize network activity and ensure maximum uptime.


Vertica is embedded in manufacturing intelligence software to analyze operational data, detect production problems, and perform root cause analysis in the manufacturing process.


Vertica is analyzing traf c patterns and rider demand so public transport authorities can optimize bus routes and get people home from work on-time.


Vertica is capturing activity data from smart watches and comparing it against demographic information so athletes can compare their performance with peer groups.


Vertica is powering smart agriculture applications using sensor data analytics so food is harvested at peak time with as minimal resource inputs as necessary.


Vertica is analyzing telemetry data to understand detailed customer interactions and ensure a seamless software user experience.


Vertica is tracking clickstream data from leading e-commerce websites to optimize customer purchasing experiences and provide customized product recommendations.


Vertica is embedded in cybersecurity software, ingesting and analyzing millions of events around the clock to detect network anomalies and ensure ef ective endpoint security.

Flexible Pricing and Licensing Options to Fit Your Organization Objectives and Needs

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