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Operations Bridge

The First Containerized, Service-Oriented Autonomous Monitoring Solution for Hybrid IT

The Micro Focus® Operations Bridge Suite (OpsBridge) monitors your IT environment and consolidates data from existing tools. The Suite applies automated discovery, monitoring, analytics, and remediation. It applies Big Data analytics for event reduction and accelerated root cause identification and executes automated remediation. It displays business and IT KPIs for executive stakeholders and operations staff, providing real-time actionable insight that scales dynamically.

Hybrid IT monitoring

Save robotic work for the robots. Robots can mimic human actions to perform everyday tasks. They save time. They cut costs. And they free human employees to focus on more important things

Application performance analytics monitoring

Ensure the health of any cloud, XaaS, or on premise service by automatically determining which link is impacting business - keeping to SLAs, and optimizing resource spend.

Consolidation and noise reduction

See a consolidated, end-to-end view of your environment with over 200 tool integrations available without rip and replace. Extract the signal from the noise to focus operations on root cause, not just symptoms.

AIOps analytics

Drive automated AIOps with machine learning derived from more than 50 parents. Includes anomaly detection and predictive analytics for all data types, events, topology, metrics, and logs – with no configuration required

Process aumotaion and robotics

Accelerate and automate tasks for remedial actions and recovery procedures with ChatBots and over 8,000 runbooks, including out-of-the-box integrations to popular ITSM tools.

Dashboards and reporting

View business and IT status in real time through Business Value Dashboards streamed on popular devices. Operators gain fast, interactive, and historical analysis of hundreds of metrics from our extensive KPI library

Operations Orchestration

What is Orchestration?

What are the Benefits of Orchestration?