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Huawei Cloud


Huawei Cloud provides Everything as a Service, We strive to build the best cloud to usher in this golden decade of SaaS.
Infrastructure as a Service for global accessibility

Expand global data centers and networks, and leverage cloud-network collaboration to connect people, things, and applications. Provide seamless experience on one global network, enable efficient distribution and processing of information streams, and deliver cloud services quickly to where they are needed.

Technology as a Service for easy innovation

Translate Huawei’s over three decades of tech prowess in ICT into services on Huawei Cloud for easy usage by enterprises so they can focus on their own innovation without reinventing the wheel.

Expertise as a Service for shared excellence

Build an ecosystem that is created, shared, and benefited by all. Distill the experience and practices of Huawei Cloud, partners, and developers in digitalization into digital assets on the cloud, helping customers fully embrace digital transformation.



Huawei Cloud place trustworthiness above all else, over functions, features  or the product schedule.
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