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Real Time Streaming Analytics


Capture and process all customer movements, activities as well as device signal events from legacy systems, databases, web, mobile and any other data source in realtime.

Real-Time Action

Take the right action at the right time to create value. Actions can be anything such as sending a text, push notification, FB posts,turn on/off aswitch, calculating a score and much more.

Business Scenarios

Visually build and deploy scenarios that deliver business value, drag and drop visually easy use interface. Scenarios aim to enhance customer experience, happiness, or related to device lifecycle and more.

EVAM is a real-time processing platform; enables businesses to process events in real time and take actions to increase sales, reduce risks and reduce costs.

Enterprises use EVAM to listen to the events generated by their customers, connected devices and systems in order to act at the right moment.


Worldwide Installations Across Different Industries and locations

Industry Examle

Design scenarios to generate real-time personalize campaigns and actions

  • Banking & Finance
  • Industrial / IOT
  • Retail & Loyalty
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Other

• In Banking

The real-time nature gives the power of reaching out the right customer at the right time, right location with right personalized offer. Sending offers when the customer really needs it; and results in positive returns and high offer success rate.

Value Examples

  • Churn Prevention
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Centric Operations
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Real-Time Compliance
  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring
  • Fraud Detection
  • Call Centre Improved Efficiency and Cost Reduction

• Detect Fraud and Generate Real-Time Intelligent Actions

EVAM enables users to deploy real time fraud detection business rules asscenarios, capture the potential fraud related activities and turn this detection to immediate actions to prevent any harmful activity.
The platform continuously monitors all integrated event sources fraudulent patterns; Generating alerts to related groups, prohibiting the further activities of potentially fraudulent accountant /subscribers /users /customers or calling any other pre-defined procedures.

• In Telco

Managing the customer value with next generation real-time tools that generates value for the customer as well as for the operator.
Network performance and monitoring, failure and prevention is another area that TELCO can benefit by using EVAM.

Value Examples

  • OnBoarding
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Campaigns based on Real-Time Usage
  • NPS
  • Managing IoT Devices
  • Upsell
  • Cross-Sell
  • Churn Prevention
  • Contract Renewal

• IoT and Industrial Sectors

Provides an End-to-End platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

EVAM creates value by helping business convert machine and sensor data into actionable intelligence, connecting an ecosystem of integrated hardware controlled by software at the edge and enterprise core interacting with all SCADA, MES, ERP, WMS, or any other system of record through integrated Connectors.
EVAM transforms machine intelligence into business value.

Value Examples

  • Identify and Correct Misconfigurations Real Time
  • Prevention of Operational Disruptions
  • Increased Process Flexibility
  • Easy Process Integration
  • Real Time Information
  • Access Preventative Maintenance

• In Retail and Loyalty

The key is reaching out the right customer at the right time, the right location with the right offer. EVAM Platform gives you all of these capabilities and enables you to get ahead of competitors, by understanding your customer needs in real time and offering the right offer in the right time in a personalized offer.

Value Examples

  • Targeted Communication
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Campaigns based on Location and Real-Time
  • Usage Easy Point Earning and Spending
  • More Loyal Customers
  • Easy Fraud Prevention

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