variety of trusted MOBILE FINANTIAL services

The world of digital payment is constantly evolving with an increasing number of technology solutions and new payment platforms in the market. Retailers, mobile network operators and many service providers are frantically trying to adapt their payment strategies to the evolving needs of an increasingly mobile and highly connected consumer base.

Driven by the growing apatite for mobile payment solutions within the mobile subscriber base, the Mobile money market is becoming more dynamic and increasingly competitive. With its complexity and the big number of channels and security options, it is imperative that sellers remain relevant and accessible to their target consumer base providing a secure, trusted platform that allows them to shop at whatever time they want, using whatever channel they are most comfortable with and whichever payment method they find most convenient

We provide a wide range of digital solutions for mobile financial services that are secure, will easily integrate with your existing systems and have a proven track record through multiple deployments across more than 25 markets. We will help you define, design and commission an ecosystem that will distinguish you from other players within your market.

Our portfolio covers:

  • Electronic Vouchers distribution
  • Electronic Airtime Top-up
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Money
  • Domestic and international money transfers

Our offerings meet the highest quality standards and global security certifications.